Most, if not all, repositories listed here are also available via git://<project>

Projects in the "Evergreen" set are "clean" git versions of the official SVN repositories.

Other repositories based on outside sources may include local changes.

If you have issues accessing these repositories contact Thomas Berezansky


Project Description Owner Last Change
Evergreen/Evergreen-Working.git Evergreen Working Repo Clone 2 hours ago
Evergreen/ILS-Contrib.git OpenILS-Contrib Git Clone... 5 years ago
Evergreen/ILS.git OpenILS Git Clone 8 hours ago
Evergreen/NCIPServer-Working.git NCIPServer Working Git Clone 2 weeks ago
Evergreen/NCIPServer.git NCIPServer Git Clone 2 weeks ago
Evergreen/OpenSRF-Working.git OpenSRF Working Repo Clone 5 weeks ago
Evergreen/OpenSRF.git OpenSRF Git Clone 5 weeks ago
Evergreen/SIPServer-Working.git SIPServer Working Repo Clone 7 days ago
Evergreen/SIPServer.git SIPServer Git Clone 6 months ago
jason/ILS.git Jason Stephenson's OpenILS... Jason Stephenson 8 hours ago
jason/JSONPrefs.git Super simple interface to... Jason Stephenson 12 months ago
jason/SIPServer.git Jason Stephenson's SIPServer... Jason Stephenson 6 months ago
jason/backstage.git Perl modules and programs... Jason Stephenson 23 months ago
jason/boopsie.git Software to dump all bib recor... Jason Stephenson 2 months ago
jason/evergreen_utilities.git Perl utility scripts for use... Jason Stephenson 9 months ago
jason/helperfuncs.git Useful PostgreSQL functions... Jason Stephenson 13 months ago
jason/hz2eg.git Horizon to Evergreen migration... Jason Stephenson 4 years ago
jason/issa.git Menu-based, command-line clien... Jason Stephenson 3 years ago
jason/mvlc-jar.git Useful java classes created... Jason Stephenson 5 years ago
jason/safariload.git Load MARC records for Safari... Jason Stephenson 19 months ago
tsbere/ILS.git Thomas Berezansky's OpenILS... Thomas Berezansky 8 hours ago
tsbere/PHPSIP2.git PHP SIP2 Client Class Thomas Berezansky 4 years ago
tsbere/Reports.git MVLC's Reporting Scripts Thomas Berezansky 6 months ago
tsbere/SIPServer.git Thomas Berezansky's SIPServer... Thomas Berezansky 6 months ago