descriptionPerl utility scripts for use with Evergreen-ILS.
ownerJason Stephenson
last changeSat, 9 Jul 2016 18:24:49 +0000 (14:24 -0400)
2016-07-09 Jason StephensonAdd missing columns to parameters spreadsheet. master
2016-04-11 Jason StephensonMake the --pipe option be greedy.
2016-04-11 Jason StephensonSimplify perl/ with selectcol_arrayref.
2016-04-01 Jason StephensonOnly connect to the database when needed in
2016-04-01 Jason StephensonFix bug in after --pipe option was added.
2016-03-31 Jason StephensonAdd --pipe option to
2016-03-31 Jason StephensonUpdate README for new location of JSONPrefs module.
2016-02-16 Bill Erickson[PATCH] pingest supports max/min ID, duration, more ops
2015-12-24 Jason StephensonFix weight logic for hold matrix matchpoint in paramete...
2015-10-26 Jason StephensonAdd first two SQL scripts.
2015-10-26 Jason StephensonMove scripts subdirectory to perl.
2015-09-11 Jason StephensonHave print the file name as it runs each...
2015-07-08 Jason StephensonFix circ modifier sheet headers in
2015-06-24 Jason StephensonAdd active field to hold and cric matrix output in...
2015-05-07 Jason StephensonAdd request_ou and requestor_grp to hold matrix output...
2015-02-04 Jason StephensonAdd marc_form to output in hold and circ matrix sheets.
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